6 Piece - UMARY Hyaluronic Acid - 30 Caplets 850 mg Each

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UMARY Hyaluronic Acid - 30 Caplets 850 mg Hyaluronic Acid 30 caplets 860 mg each. How to use: Take 1 caplet a day preferably with food. Net Content: 1 bottle with 30 caplets of 860 mg Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Curcuma (Curcuma longa) Chondroitin, MSM (Metil Sulfonil Methane), Fresno (Fraxinus nigra). This product is not a medicine. The consumption of this product is the responsibility of the person who recommends it and uses it. Keep out of reach of children. What is hyaluronic acid? It is a polysaccharide found naturally in skin and cartilage cells. This crystalline substance has the function of hydrating the skin and joints, as it attracts and retains water molecules. As the body ages, the presence of hyaluronic acid in our body decreases considerably. This translates into an aging of the skin that is losing firmness and volume and, of course, in the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles. Acido Hialuronico Colageno Curcuma y Nettle30 capletas 860 mg c/u Suplemento Alimenticio Modo de Empleo: Tomar 1 capleta al dia de preferencia con alimentos. Contenido Neto: 1 frasco con 30 capletas de 860 mg Ingredientes: Acido Hialuronico, Curcuma (cúrcuma longa), Chondroitina, MSM (Metil Sulfonil Metanane), Fresno (Fraxinus nigra). Este producto no es un medicamento. El consumo de este producto es responsabilidad de quien lo recomienda y lo usa. No se deje al alcance de los niños. ¿Qué es el ácido hialurónico? Es un polisacárido que se encuentra de forma natural en las células de la piel y los cartílagos. Esta sustancia cristalina tiene la función de hidratar la piel y las articulaciones, pues atrae y retiene las moléculas de agua. A medida que el cuerpo envejece, disminuye considerablemente la presencia de ácido hialurónico en nuestro cuerpo. Esto se traduce en un envejecimiento de la piel que va perdiendo firmeza y volumen y, cómo no, en la aparición de las temidas arrugas.
  • Skin and Face Aging Support: Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance that is produced in the human body. The purpose of Hyaluronic Acid is to aid our skin, eyes, and connective tissues in retaining water and remaining lubricated. Supplementing with our specially formulated Hyaluronic Acid capsules may support healthier and more supple skin.
  • Quality in Each Batch: Each batch of our Hyaluronic Acid Supplements are specially designed to be easily absorbed by your body, delivering potential benefits to your skin and joints faster and with ease, without the use of preservatives or additives.
    • Best When Paired: All Hyaluronic Acid Supplements are best when paired with a hyaluronic acid serum or cream. Working in tangent with other products, our Hyaluronic Acid Supplements have given prompt results without being harsh on the body. At Double Wood Supplements, it is our goal to create an industry standard in which supplements are focused on delivering fast-acting, vegan-friendly, and natural results without the use of artificial preservatives or additives.
    • Powerful Joint Lubricant: Hyaluronic acid works as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and connective tissue. When joints are well lubricated they’re less likely to grind together. It has been known to reduce knee discomfort


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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